Banchory (Grampian)

Good quality coffee is our passion and we want everyone to enjoy the great tasting coffees we have discovered.  Our coffee is considerately sourced to ensure the highest levels of quality and a better deal for the farmers.  Check out our individual coffee to see the people and projects your coffee purchase is supporting.

Dear Green
At Dear Green we roast coffee! We train and educate. We grind, brew and share. We pursue excellence in coffee. We work with the community. We ensure every coffee we source meets our ethical policies, and we roast to maximise the sensory tasting experience. Every bean is well considered, well sourced and only sold if it meets our QC tolerances. We're obsessed!  We LOVE coffee!

Dunfermline (Fife)

We love coffee, and with a combined 15 years in the coffee scene, we understand it too.  What's in the cup is really important to us, but the more time we spent talking about coffee the conversation changed. How the coffee got in the cup became more important. The people who enjoy coffee became more important. 

So today Common is coffee about people. From the farmers and growers to the every day people enjoying coffee as their morning pick-me-up or daily ritual.

We stick to the fundamentals and make the choice easy. Join us for a cup.


Glen Lyon Coffee Roasters
Aberfeldy (Highlands)
Passionate about our coffee we source the finest beans from around the world and roast them in small batches at our roastery in Aberfeldy. We’re proud of the fact that we can trace our coffee all the way back to the individual farmer who grew it and we’re happy to pay our growers premium prices for their amazing beans.  
We believe that good coffee is an essential part of life and each detail in every aspect of the process can make a difference. From the farm, during transport, roasting, packing and delivery - all of this can make the difference between an average cup and a great tasting cup.   

Forth Coffee is proud to be an artisan roaster and we are keen to share our knowledge with all our customers. 

Arbroath (Angus)
Sacred Grounds Coffee Company is a specialty coffee roastery based on the banks of the Brothock Burn in Arbroath, Angus.  We are proud to say that we are Angus's only coffee roastery.

We source premium green beans from ethical and sustainable sources before we roast them to the highest standards to provide the most enjoyable cup of coffee that we can.  We respect the bean, roasting as appropriate to bring out the best flavour profiles possible. Fatima, our 5kg Toper roaster is a valued member of the team.  She has a long history of producing the finest coffees in the Scottish coffee roasting community and continues to do so in her new home.  Everything takes time - we don't rush our roasting - but, it's worth it. Our reason for existing is to produce the most fabulous coffee - simple!

We opened the business in December 2015 and working slowly, we are building a reputation for quality, excellence and attention to detail.  Perfection takes time - and that's what we are aiming for. We want to educate, inspire and enthuse the people of Angus - and beyond.  We roast on Mondays and Wednesdays at the moment.  As the roastery and our reputation grow, we hope this will increase - that is the plan anyway. 

Garmouth (Moray)
In March 2017 Grant & Jody Spence launched the Speyside Coffee Roasting Co.  A small batch Coffee Roastery based at the Hotel in the Speyside village of Garmouth in Moray.
Currently we roast twice a week, using the 5 kg Golden Coffee Roaster which was built and imported from Turkey.  Artisan Software is used to profile roasting and maintain consistency but all the roasting is done manually. Once roasted, the beans rest for up to one week to allow the gases to escape, making them better to work with and ultimately providing the best cup of coffee.
So far, the response has been very impressive and we are receiving a lot of fantastic feedback. It certainly is exciting times and there are quite a few projects in the pipeline. 
We are loving our journey into the world of coffee… we hope you are too.
Figment Coffee
Joining us soon.
And a lot more!