Whole Bean Starter Set

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The best way to start making better coffee at home. This Whole Bean Starter Set includes a Hario Mini Mill Ceramic Hand Coffee Grinder, and a V60 Pour Over Set in sleek transparent black. 

Grinding fresh coffee beans is an essential process in the overall coffee brewing process and it enables you to extract all the intended flavours the farmers and roasters have worked so hard to bring you. If you want to have an exceptional cup of coffee, this is the place to start.

Once freshly ground, place the grinds into the centre of the V60 drip filter and place over your favourite mug. Then simply add water and enjoy. Play around with 'bloom' timings, grind types and pouring speeds...once you have this basic kit, you can play about with your brewing technique to elevate your cup even further!

Here at Coffee Scotland we are fan of James Hoffman, so see his video below on how he uses his V60!

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