Why making coffee is a relaxing process

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Relax Coffee Drinking

In our everyday life, we are often confronted with a lot of stress. But not only work can be stressful also family and friends can be the source of it. I don’t want to say that you should quit your job or cut ties with family and friends to reduce it but making yourself a cup of coffee could be the island of relaxation you were needing.



Distraction Phone

First, take your time. Stop what you’re doing put the phone away and concentrate just on this task. It let you focus more and erases other things that could distract you.

Your brain can relax.



Coffee Grinder

Grinding your beans can be meditating. It maybe sounds silly to you but doing a simple task like grinding your beans not only makes your coffee taste much better but as it is a monotonous task your brain doesn’t have to react to anything thrown at it. It can take a rest and charge up again.

By finishing this task, our brain rewards us with endorphins. You heard right, even though you're doing such a small thing like preparing coffee beans.

Your brain tells you “Good job”.



Coffee Ritual

Make your coffee brewing a ritual and a pre-set process. Fixed processes allow us to calm down because we know the flow. By knowing, what’s coming next, your body can relax because it doesn’t have to worry about something unexpected.

You’ll realise that you’re getting calmer.



Coffee Time

 Don’t rush the process; enjoy every step and focus on it. Treat every step as part of a meditational process. By immersing yourself entirely in every step of the coffee making, from the preparing of the tools to the grinding, to folding the filter, preparing the water and pouring it over the coffee each step adds to the experience and can destress.

You’ll not only taste the difference but also enjoy your coffee even more.



By being present in the moment and focusing on just one thing, you can relax. The process of making coffee lets you focus on yourself and forget the stress outside of it. It allows you to recharge and infuse your body with endorphins by preparing a perfectly made coffee.

Try it out the next time you feel overwhelmed, and you’re in need to focus on you. Give “Coffee Break” a new meaning.

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