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Arbroath, the Scottish harbour town famous for Smokies, now has its feet firmly set in coffee roasting.

Since 2015, Kathryn, Ian and Jamie have been roasting some of the very best speciality coffee, and like all our roasters, they ensure their green beans are from ethical and sustainable sources. Their coffee is seasonal, ensuring that the coffee on offer is the very best for that time of year - if you click HERE you will see what they currently have on offer.

We had the chance to catch up with Kathryn from Sacred Grounds Coffee Company and this is how it went.

Why did Sacred Grounds Coffee Company start?

It’s an interesting story actually. Jamie and Ian are both passionate cyclists and on their tours they weren’t able to find great coffee. Jamie, being interested in roasting, said that they should change that and start roasting their own coffee at home. When Fatima ( the roasting machine) came up for sale it started to be real and just grew from that point onwards. I joined later on because I have a business background and helped the guys in that way. From that day on I got more and more into coffee.

In short, it started with two guys not able to find good coffee on their cycling routes.

What is the most rewarding part of Sacred Ground Coffee Company?

I find the personal side, in combination with the educational part, the most rewarding. Being able to talk to people and explain to them why we do what we do. The interaction with the customers and building relationships with them is what I love. Especially the opportunity share a real interest with people. And I think most people who are in the coffee business are the same. It’s not always about money. We wouldn’t do what we do if it was for the money.

What makes Sacred Grounds Coffee Company so special?

We love great coffee and that’s why we try to produce great coffee. And I hope we achieve that. But it’s also again about the genuine love to deal with other people and be able to share and have a great relationship. Happy customers is what we’re trying to achieve.

What made you decide to be part of Coffee Scotland?

Again, it's because of the people and being part of a bigger community. Promoting what we all do is great for Scottish roasted speciality coffee. Coffee Scotland channels all of that. It’s a platform where everybody has a shared interest and passion for coffee. And that’s what I like especially about the Scottish roaster community. Everybody has the same passion. Coffee Scotland is taking all of that and putting it into one place.

How do you make your coffee?

I usually brew with a V60. I’m a bit of a filter fanatic. When I go out I always choose filter. It gets you a lovely clean flavour and works all the time. In terms of coffee, I've become a real African coffee lover throughout the years.

Thank you very much to Kathryn for speaking to us and thank you to Jess Shurte at Jess Shurte Photography - for giving us permission to use her excellent photos of  Kathryn and Fatima! 

We will begin telling you more about all of our roasters on our blog so keep an eye out for more coming soon!

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